Tuesdays at Al’s on Display at Gatewood Gallery

I have been working on a long term photo project titled Tuesdays at Al’s. For the last several months I have been spending every Tuesday afternoon at a local bookshop called Glenwood Coffee & Books, owned by a man named Alan Brilliant.

The project is now in its completed form as an artist book, & is on display at the Gatewood Gallery at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro as part of their Senior Show. The show will be up through December 23rd. The artist book is comprised of a hand-bound book of twenty three digital images from Glenwood, as well as an etching of Al, & miscellaneous digital prints, pinhole photographs, scans, & cyanotypes.

I have also put together a collection of one hundred images from the bookshop which can be viewed here as part of my portfolio.


In other news, I am finished with my undergraduate degree as of this coming Monday!